The Icon Element allows you to place icons anywhere on your site. Every icon is 100% full vector, so they look incredibly sharp and are retina-ready! 

General Settings:

Link: Set Icon URL target and title.

Align: Select Icon alignment relative to the containing element.

Style: Select style for the icon.

Default: Displays only the icon.

Filled: Has background-color.

Bordered: Has a border.

Shape: Set the Icon shape. If you select rounded, Radius option becomes available allowing you to set the roundness of the Icon.

Icon Styles:

Set the Normal / Hover state of the icon.

Icon color: Set the icon color.

Shape color: Set the icon shape color.

Icon size: Set the icon size. Click the monitor icon to change this setting for different viewport sizes.

Space around icon: Change icon padding.

Icon rotate: Set icon rotation.

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