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Zion Builder Free


january 30, 2023

Improved: Lowered z-index for video overlay from 999 to 9 ( )
Fixed: Color presets cannot be selected
Improved: Added backward compatibility for zb.hooks API
Fixed: Compatibility with Rank Math plugin


january 28, 2023

Fixed: Icon position CSS class for button element is translatable
Fixed: Compatibility with Zion Extras


january 27, 2023

Improved: Moved element class and pseudo selector at the top of the element options panel
Improved: Number unit option type
Improved: Margin/padding option type
Improved: Press the CTRL key ( command on Mac ) to change the opposite value of the margin/padding option
Improved: Preserve unit for number input options when changing responsive device
Improved: Zion builder library open speed
Improved: Remove custom attributes options when editing a global CSS class
Improved: Zion Builder library display speed
Improved: Display of the system info admin page
Improved: Replaced save page notification with a small loader icon
Improved: Removed autosave notification when opening a page
Improved: Moved the "add new CSS" class to the top of the options panel
Improved: Updated all code to Typescript and Vue setup
Improved: Moved size and spacing options before border options
Fixed: Page template not applying when a theme builder template is used
Fixed: Rank Math integration stopped working
Fixed: Improper background color for custom code option on the current line
Fixed: Fatal error occurring in certain conditions when editing the menu
Fixed: Several actions from the inline text editor not working
Fixed: Background video doesn't autoplay on mobile phones in certain conditions
Fixed: Element additional classes get deleted when removing element styles
Fixed: Compatibility with Hoverify Chrome extension
Fixed: Console error when hovering various style option tabs
Fixed: Local google fonts not working in certain conditions
Fixed: show/hide element not working from the toolbox
Fixed: container spacing options not showing
Fixed: new breakpoints not saving
Fixed: improper appear animation duration value set when changing the unit
Fixed: possible editor freeze when using the font color picker
Developer: Added the ability to add additional CSS classes to the CSS class selector option

3.6.0 beta 1

December 5, 2022

Improved: Number unit option type
Improved: Margin/padding option type
Fixed: Compatibility with Hoverify Chrome extension
Fixed: Console error when hovering various style option tabs
Improved: Zion Builder library display speed
Fixed: Page template not applying when a theme builder template is used


November 15, 2022

Added: Eyedropper to color picker
Added: Highlight the affected element when hovering on element style options items
Added: Code hinting to all code option types- for example, element custom CSS
Added: Option for choosing the accordion title HTML tag
Added: Options to style the active accordion title
Fixed: Image gallery media modal not showing images in certain conditions
Improvement: Removed unit selection from number inputs
Improvement: Updated number unit component to Vue setup and typescript
Improvement: When clicking on an element inside the tree view panel, the page will scroll to that element inside the preview window
Improvement: Double click to rename elements inside tree view panels
Improvement: Removed extra click needed to set margin/padding values
Improvement: Added proper title to icon border radius option
Fixed: CSS is not removing in editor in certain conditions
Fixed: Background size option not displaying properly when the main bar is placed on the bottom of the page
Fixed: Preview window not filling the entire screen when activating preview mode
[DEV] Improvement: Updated dimensions input to Vue 3 and script setup
[DEV] Improvement: Updated Input HTML component to Vue 3 script setup and typescript
[DEV] Improvement: Updated Vue to 3.2.41
[DEV] Added: Ability to set body classes when adding an element to the page inside the editor


October 21, 2022

IMPROVED: Added backwards compatibility for 3rd party plugins that use jQuery ( Zion Builder alone doesn't use jQuery )
IMPROVEMENT: Updated links that pointed to Github issues to
FIXED: Edit with Zion Builder button doesn't work in certain conditions
FIXED: Page assets not generating properly in certain conditions
FIXED: Regenerate assets doesn't regenerate assets for all posts in certain conditions
FIXED: CSS background image not generating properly when using dynamic data


October 18, 2022

Added: Integration with HappyFiles plugin
Improvement: Create post css/js files on page load. This improves rendering performance
Improvement: Show status about the files that are regenerated when using the Regenerate cache button inside the admin panel
Improvement: Post CSS/JS files are regenerated automatically when changing/deleting a responsive device width
Improvement: Removed jQuery from several internal files
Improvement: Remove element id when cloning an element
Improved: Allow css variables as color inside color picker
Improved: Show "has changes" green dot for custom attributes
Improved: Refactored the entire page assets system
Fixed: New pages cannot be properly edited if they are not saved first
Fixed: Background position is not generating proper css if only one position is changed
Fixed: Input code overlaps line numbers with code in certain conditions
Fixed: Template shortcode not displaying properly in editor mode
Fixed: CSS is not generated for elements that are not displaying in the page due to element conditions


September 07, 2022

Added: Transition speed option for image slider
Added: History action when adding a new element from the tabs, slider builder and accordions elements options panel
Improvement: Contrast color for dark mode
Improvement: Performance when rendering builder icons
Improvement: UI for add elements popup
Improvement: Rendering performance of editor tabs ( for example, the element options panel )
Improvement: Don't show documentation button in admin area if user sets an empty string as documentation url in White label settings
Improvement: Don't show image resize fields for SVG images ( SVG images cannot be resized )
Improvement: Allow special characters in custom attributes names
Improvement: Don't refresh elements if only options that style it are changed
Improvement: Performance for rendered pages made with Zion Builder
Fixed: Tree view list panel is not scrollable
Fixed: Add elements icon opens element options panel on first click
Fixed: Cannot scroll in element conditions dropdown option
Fixed: Element not highlighted in tree view when added to the page
Fixed: Tree view panel not expanding to the active edited element
Fixed: Tree view items not appearing after clearing the page and performing an 'undo' action
Fixed: Section view not generating image if the element requires long time to render in page
Fixed: Modals not opening
Fixed: Image link custom class not applying to the link HTML tag
Fixed: Discard changes not working in certain conditions for element options
Fixed: Cannot properly set the value for transform scale option if you use a dot separator
Fixed: Video element scripts not loading in editor in certain conditions
Fixed: Custom code element cannot be added in page properly
Fixed: Image slider not displaying properly in certain conditions
Fixed: Cursor jumps to start of the field when renaming an element from tree view panels
Fixed: Element animations not working


September 02, 2022

Added: Preserve higher responsive device values as options placeholders for style options
Added: History action for paste styles on element
Added: History action for paste element classes
Added: history action for inline text edits
Added: History action for discard element styles
Added: History action for wrap with container
Added: Placeholder support for dimensions option type
Added: Placeholder support for border option type
Added: Placeholder support for input number option type
Added placeholder support for spacing option type
Updated: Swiper script to the latest version
Improvement: Preserve element options active tab when changing the element
Improvement: Removed the local history when editing the element and moved it to the global history panel
Improvement: Overall editor speed
Improvement: Prevent the element menu from shrinking if the preview is zoomed in
Improvement: Always show the scrollbar for scrollable lists inside the editor
Improvement: UI for tree view panel
Improvement: UI for history panel
Improvement: You can now special characters in class names
Improvement: Improve UI for the dropdown option type
Improvement: Add ability to set placeholders for input checkbox option type
Improvement: Border radius option UI
Improvement: Only paste the styles that are available for the element
Improvement: Show add elements popup full size inside a zoomed preview area
Improvement: Properly place the element menu inside a zoomed preview area
Fixed: Element cannot be edited after wrapping with container
Fixed: Screenshot is not generating for imported template elements in certain conditions
Fixed: Fatal error that may appear in certain conditions when using WP customizer
Fixed: options panel not updating properly when editing the "Tabs" element and then the "Accordions" element
Fixed: Element searching looses some keystrokes inside the add elements popup in certain conditions
Dev change: The Element instance 'content' property now holds child element UID instead of the actual child instance.


May 09, 2022

Added: Responsive options for "slides to show" and "slides to scroll" options for slider builder element
Added: option to disable page builder area wrappers. It will be disabled for new installations
Added: "Wrap with container" element menu action
Added: Titles to elements inside add elements popup
Improvement: [Video element] Removed extra div elements
Improvement: [Video element] Video element inside a modal will not automatically play only when the modal is open
Improvement: [Video element] Video element inside a modal will stop playing when closing the modal
Improvement: [Video element] Removed jQuery dependency
Improvement: [Counter element] Removed jQuery dependency
Improvement: [Counter element] Removed animateJS dependency
Improvement: [Progress bars element] Removed jQuery dependency
Improvement: [Alert element] Removed jQuery dependency
Improvement: [Accordions element] Removed jQuery dependency
Fixed: The image slider doesn't properly work inside tabs
Fixed: The image slider doesn't auto-update its width inside the editor after changing the parent width
Fixed: Image slider infinite loop causes visual problems in certain conditions
Improvement: Disabled infinite scroll for slider builder element in edit mode. It was causing several problems
Fixed: Active tab not highlighted in editor mode
Fixed: Page shows vertical scrollbar if one of the tabs has a larger height
Fixed: Drag+CTRL doesn't duplicate the element in certain conditions


April 07, 2022

Fixed: Editor panels opens with a delay in certain conditions


April 07, 2022

Improvement: Allow custom breakpoints to work for sliders
Improvement: Updated slider component to Vue 3 setup
Improvement: Removed jQuery dependency for image slider
Improvement: Dark mode style improvements
Fixed: Global colors not applying for custom classes in editor
Fixed: Child selector doesn't preserve name after re-ordering the selectors
Fixed: Color picker behavior in Firefox browser
Fixed: Child selector name exits panel in certain conditions


March 14, 2022

Added: New UI and UX for the editor
Added: Ability to edit breakpoint device values
Added: Ability to add new breakpoint devices
Added: Ability to add general custom CSS to admin panel
Added: Ability to add custom header scripts from admin panel
Added: Ability to add custom body open scripts from admin panel
Added: Ability to add custom footer scripts from admin panel
Added: Ability to copy/paste element styles
Added: Allow copy/paste elements, styles, and classes between different browser tabs
Added: [tree View] Added expand/collapse buttons
Added: [tree View] Added button to remove all elements from the page
Added: [options panel] Added button to hide the panel
Added: Allow global classes to be renamed
Added: Ability to add global classes from the options panel
Added: CSS direction to display options
Added: Custom option for margin and padding
Added: Cursor display options to Style > Display > Display options
Added: Ability to add elements to favorites
Added: Thumbnail generation for local templates
Added: Ability to share the local library with different websites
Added: Ability to load Google fonts from local
Added: Ability to disable jQuery migrate
Added: Ability to disable WordPress emojis
Added: changes bullets to styling options accordions
Added: Additional options to style the search form element
Added: Ability to change responsive devices width
Added: Ability to add custom responsive devices
Added: Ability to disable normalize.css loaded by the builder
Added: Ability to change editor preview width
Added: Ability to set the custom scale for editor preview
Added: Ability to set editor preview to auto-scale based on available width
Added: Ability to create templates for all author archives
Added: Ability to create templates for specific author archives
Added: Theme builder link to the admin bar. This will appear as a submenu for pages edited with Zion Builder
Improvement: Updated tree view panels design and UX
Improvement: Color-picker won't close itself if you click outside it while changing the color
Improvement: Elements are now editable with one click
Improvement: New element toolbox inside editor
Improvement: [tree View] Edit elements with one click
Improvement: [tree View] Edit element name with a single click
Improvement: Improved design for preview mode
Improvement: Preview mode responsive buttons shows the active responsive device now
Improvement: Changed UX for add elements popup category dropdown
Improvement: Allow the user to move the main bar in the top and bottom position
Improvement: Show tree view and history on the right side by default
Improvement: Added a delay before saving to history the element rename action
Improvement: The element menu will toggle if pressing the options icons twice
Improvement: Highlight newly added elements in the tree view
Improvement: When selecting an element from the tree view, the page will scroll until the element is centered on the page
Improvement: You can now close panels by clicking on the preview Iframe
Improvement: keep the add element icon visible in tree view when pressing it
Improvement: Renamed "View page" to "Preview page"
Improvement: The previewed page will auto-refresh when saving new changes
Improvement: Re-ordered main panel menu items
Improvement: Show menu items without capitalization
Improvement: Automatically fill padding/margins values when clicking on the link icon
Improvement: Zion Library UI
Improvement: The active library source is preserved after refresh
Improvement: Show only Library categories that have items in them when searching for an element
Improvement: Sort library items by date
Improvement: Keep cursor position when entering values in fields that also accept a unit
Improvement: Zion Library UI and UX
Improvement: The edit element panel will close automatically when deleting all the elements on the page
Improvement: Close number input popup for Spacing option type when clicking outside of it
Improvement: Replaced popup for choosing what changes to show with a confirmation message when you try to close the page while still having unsaved changes
Improvement: updated UI/UX for displaying the margin and padding inside the element toolbox
Improvement: You can now close the margin/padding popup by pressing the escape key
Improvement: Close library modal on escape key press
Improvement: Overall plugin performance in both editor and rendered page
Improvement: Delete local google fonts cache when regenerating builder files from admin panel
Improvement: Prevent Google from indexing template pages
Improvement: Add width tooltip when resizing the editor preview window
Improvement: Added scrollbar to preview window if it doesn't fit the available space
Improvement: Use Google fonts as default instead of local fonts
Improvement: Disable WP emojis and jQuery migrate by default for new installations
Improvement: Disable normalize.css will be disabled for new installations
Improvement: Combined fronted.css with dynamic CSS file added by the builder. The builder only loads two CSS files now, one general and one specific to the rendered page
Improvement: The editor preview will display a horizontal scrollbar if there is no space
Improvement: Improved builder speed in both frontend and backend
Improvement: Reduced number of HTTP requests
Improvement: Added an overlay over the video element video in edit mode. This allows you to drag the video element and have access to right-click
Improvement: Set preview auto-scale on by default
Fixed: Tree view items cannot be dragged properly in certain conditions
Fixed: Editor compatibility with older versions of Safari
Fixed: Password-protected posts not showing password field if using dynamic data - post content
Fixed: Pasting text inside tree view element rename fields creates additional elements
Fixed: Code editor CTRL+Z adds different text instead of the previously used text
Fixed: Icon color shows different color inside editor and preview
Fixed: Not all CSS classes are deleted if pressing the "Remove additional classes"
Fixed: Cannot delete a CSS class after closing the confirmation tooltip
Fixed: Background color picker not visible in certain conditions
Fixed: element cannot be renamed in certain conditions
Fixed: caret jumps to the start of the line when renaming an element in firefox
Fixed: Console notice in admin panel
Fixed: Editor buttons in edit page not always appearing
Fixed: Accordion element not opening on click in edit mode
Fixed: Not all global CSS classes are showing in certain conditions
Fixed: Margin and Padding option display on Safari
Fixed: Video does not auto-play on iPhone in certain conditions
Fixed: Vimeo video background controls not working
Fixed: Element animations not working
Fixed: Local Google font not displaying correctly
Fixed: Editor modals appear below other elements in certain conditions
Fixed: post taxonomies not loading options in the dynamic field
Fixed: Content is not available in editor mode if the preview height is larger than the container height
Fixed: Play icon not showing properly in the video element and video background actions
Fixed: Element display conditions still apply after you set the visibility to all
Fixed: Transform option removes itself in certain conditions
Fixed: Margin and paddings are re-linking their values in certain conditions
Fixed: Element conditions clones values between conditions fields
Fixed: Custom fonts not working in certain conditions
Fixed: Preview scaling blurs text
Fixed: Visual editor option not updating its value in certain conditions
Fixed: Custom breakpoints not generating proper CSS in certain conditions
Misc: Updated builder external dependencies to latest version
Misc: Updated many components to Vue 3


September 15, 2021

* Improved shortcut keys for MacOS
* Added missing animate.css animations
* Added integration with Yoast
* Made tabs accessible by keyboard
* Added proper aria labels to tabs element
* [UX] Added search input for animations option
* [UX] Improvement: Keep only one options panel open at the same time
* [UX] Added tooltips to main panel icons
* [UX] Added element name to context menu
* [UX] Added shortcut keys to context menu
* [UX] Reduce the spacing around "has changes" green dot
* [UX] Set default selector when deleting all additional selectors from an element
* [UX] Show hover states visually when editing the options
* [UX] Added confirmation popup before deleting a css class
* Fixed compatibility with Blocksy template areas
* Fixed Section masks not working on certain hosting companies
* Fixed opacity bullet follows mouse on Firefox browser
* Fixed dynamic colors not working for border option


August 17, 2021

* Added RankMath integration
* Improved dynamic scripts management
* Improved site SSL migration compatibility
* Improved dark mode appearance
* Fixed 404 error page appears sometimes when editing a template
* Fixed replace URL option not working in certain conditions
* Added WP filter for developers to add additional css to page assets file
* Improved code documentation
* Improved compatibility with PHP8


July 23, 2021

* Fixed rendered page now working


July 22, 2021

* Added Dark mode
* Added image ALT text and sizes to gallery element images
* Added compatibility with cart flow plugin
* Added JS filter for input select options
* Improvement - UX: Set mask options as collapsed when opening the element options panel
* Improvement: unified clone element texts throughout the builder
* Improved: Reordered icon box options
* Improved internal API
* Improved Blocksy theme integration
* Fixed: Deleting a parent element while having a child element options panel open, doesn't close the panel
* Fixed: Element CSS id not visually updating inside styling tab after changing it
* Fixed changing page template requires a page refresh
* Fixed icon list links not working properly
* Fixed image not showing properly in a responsive mode in certain conditions
* Fixed icon element not printing mobile device styles
* Fixed some options that cannot be found when using the search from the elements panel
* Fixed server rendered components doesn't render in certain conditions
* Various small fixes
* Internal code cleanup


June 24, 2021

*Fixed input select can show loading icon in certain conditions


June 22, 2021

* Added coming soon and maintenance mode - Options can be found in the builder settings panel
* Added option to select the page to use for "post/page" dynamic field
* Added ability to search for an internal link for the link option
* Improved select option
* Added ability to add custom attributes to link options
* Added ability to set custom tags for section/column and container
* Added tooltips for add element insert icon so you know where the element will be inserted
* Allow the user to toggle the add elements popup by pressing its trigger icon
* Removed the p tags addition for all inline editors/TinyMCE
* Highlight elements in the tree view panel when clicking on them
* Removed the minimum default value for number inputs
* Allow clicking on the element options button even if the button is behind a padding overlay
* Improved undo/redo system for editing elements
* Various inline editor small improvements
* Implemented new tooltips that can be used in the editor interface
* Fixed page jumping if hovering the last element in a blank canvas page
* Fixed featured image dynamic data not working as the background image in certain conditions
* Fixed input shape divider value cannot be deleted
* Fixed element button - icon on right doesn't display any space between the icon and text
* Fixed library item import can sometimes import in revers section order
* Fix background "repeat-x" option not working
* Improved element icons loading in the editor by caching the icons that are received from the server
* Fixed Chrome console warning related to wheel event used in an editor component


June 15, 2021

* Improvement: Scroll to the top when searching for an element in the "add elements popup"
* Improvement: Prevent bottom scrolling closes the "add elements popup"
* Improvement: Tree view now opens all the active element parents and highlights it
* Improvement: Tree view scrolls automatically to the active element
* Improvement: Added a delay while hovering over the system info tooltips
* Improvement: Added a drag threshold before you can drag the options panel
* Improvement: Links from the main panel open in the same tab now
* Improved developer API
* Reduced the CSS output for various elements
* Fixed Google fonts reset in certain conditions
* Fixed Google Font variant can exceed browser window size in certain conditions
* Added responsive options for Image slider - slides to show
* Fixed autosave post status not saving correctly in certain conditions
* Fixed typo in Slider option
* Fixed releasing the mouse click while resizing an element can reset the size in certain conditions
* Fixed border size of 0 doesn't generate the CSS in preview mode
* Fixed Add elements popup can show duplicated elements
* Fixed Custom fonts upload not working without an external WP plugin
* Updated developer plugins


May 18, 2021

* Fixed animation library not loading on certain hosting platforms
* Fixed transform scale not working properly while dragging to change the value
* Fixed editor CSS affects the content in editor mode


May 14, 2021

* Added container element
* Fixed undo/redo not working from history panel
* Fixed discard changes for repeater option shows console error
* Fixed animation delay not working properly
* Fixed icon option placed in a modal window closes modal when the icon is deleted
* Improved builder assets generation and loading order
* Added code action for server component render
* Various small code fixes


April 28, 2021

* Better styled child selectors display in options panel
* Fixed child selector sortable prevents chaning draggable inner options


April 28, 2021

* Added ability to style any child css class or selector to all elements and global css classes
* Fixed Adding extra css classes to column not working in editor mode
* Fixed code helper pseudo_selector not working properly
* Fixed admin page icon not showing properly if PRO version is active


April 12, 2021

* Varsious overall builder speed improvements
* All elements that reqiures data from server are now grouped in a single server call
* Removed various css/js files from loading if they are not needed on the page
* Added style options for icon box spacer
* Improved order of scripts loading
* Added style options for modal close button
* Added indicator showing that an element has custom css classes applied
* Added additional style options for separator element
* Plugin developers: You can now condition the render element from inside the element class
* Fixed css classes added multilple times in certain conditions
* Fixed element from library added after a section instead of inside it
* Improvement: When a new item is added to the library, the library automatically navigates to the newly added element
* Improved initial disply of library items
* Added additional php actions and filters
* Updated Vue JS to latest version
* Fixed local changes popup appears in certain conditions even if there were not unsaved changes to a page
* Fixed global colors generating with the same id
* removed empty options values from saving to DB
* Improved PRO compatibility regarding repeated elements


March 16, 2021

* Feature: Improved compatibility with caching plugins
* Feature: Added ability to change the icon background for icon element
* Feature: Added style options for icon element
* Feature: Added repsonsive options for section/column mask height
* Improvement: Added ability to use dynamic data for accordion titles
* Fixed: 0 column offset not applying
* Fixed: Custom css classes cannot be deleted in certain conditions
* Fixed: Various small fixes


February 26, 2021

* Feature: Added breadcrumbs above options when using element options search
* Feature: Added element icon for elements in tree view
* Feature: Added categories to add elements popup
* Feature: Added move element action to history
* Feature: Added link option for column
* Improvement: White space typography option
* Improvement: Default WordPress themes compatibility
* Improvement: Tooltip and rest API
* Improvement: Visual improvements for Panel Element Options and OptionsForm
* Improvement: Visual improvement for has changes bullet
* Improvement: Added element icons to treeview and wireframe view
* Improvement: Updated style for anchorPoint element in editor mode
* Improvement: Performance tweaks for input range dynamic
* Improvement: Inline-editor bugfixes and code improvement
* Improvement: Added inner content styles and single item color option for iconlist
* Improvement: Admin dashboard responsiveness
* Improvement: Added string in case no value added for inline edit
* Improvement: Added message when the element has no specific options
* Improvement: Added background video options
* Improvement: Allow themes to hook into plugin integrations
* Improvement: Added invalid element component
* Fixed errors when ssl is not properly set on websites
* Fixed cannot properly drag items inside tabs
* Fixed console error related to open panels
* Fixed Toggle Library Panel when inserting items
* Fixed dynamic text can be edited with inline editor
* Fixed visual bug for right click in tree view panel
* Fixed rename elements with right click
* Fixed heading from 'Add Elements' popup inheriting styles from theme
* Fixed CSS is not loaded in editor mode when using shortcodes
* Fixed Custom css class cannot be deleted
* Fixed repeater option console error in case no button text added
* Fixed several sortable related issues
* Fixed icon height bigger than width for certain icons
* Fixed prevent link follow in text element and button element
* Fixed delete custom-pseudoselectors
* Fixed Added delete changes for responsive options
* Fixed panel options search
* Fixed pseudo selector delete kept styling
* Fixed pseudo selector not resetting when editing a new element
* Fixed add elements popup show while sorting elements
* Fixed php notice for accordion element
* Fixed Switch option styles
* Fixed typography option not showing on general tab
* Fixed Custom pseudoselector field not closing
* Fixed modal visual bugs
* Fixed Save is triggered only if clicked on the icon on the main panel
* Fixed set wrapper tag for ProgressBars
* Fixed Search content tab is not displaying correctly
* Fixed Empty element appear in Add Elements popup


December 14, 2020

  • Improvement: RTL support for both editor and rendered page
  • Improvement: Error message when a template cannot be inserted
  • Improvement: Added video to plugin description
  • Improvement: Avoid extra click when inserting icon into page
  • Improvement: Added invert filter to style options
  • Fixed icon element generates color css twice
  • Fixed back button from library preview closes the panel
  • Fixed plugin name display
  • Fixed add global color visual bug
  • Fixed placement and style for Elements filtering in Add Elements popup
  • Fixed description text in about modal


December 9, 2020

  • Fixed focus on inline editor font size
  • Fixed Panel Library maximize buton click not working
  • Fixed wp 5.6 compatibility
  • Fixed click on adding global color closes colorPicker
  • Fixed tabs element not applying custom classes


December 8, 2020

  • Internal Feature: allow setting default value for repeater field
  • Improved: Add message when there are no saved gradients
  • Improved: Added allow Html in title fields in editor mode
  • Improved: Icon element markup in editor mode
  • Improved: demo mode
  • Improved: icon tab set normal default
  • Fixed Column styling options not showing on Safari on MacOS Big Sur
  • Fixed render classes on positioning the counter element
  • Fixed accordions element not showing in page when first added
  • Fixed Box shadow inset applies even if it is set to no
  • Fixed heading align option not responsive
  • Fixed custom classes not applying to various elements


December 7, 2020

  • Added options to style the active tab for Tabs element
  • Added WordPress filters for REST controllers
  • Renamed Custom HTML element to Custom Code
  • Improved: Changes green dot now appears for dynamic values
  • Improved Zion Builder library display Improved: The options panel will show the general tab when editing a different element
  • Improved: Removed help tab from builder panel.
  • Improved: Page cache not clearing properly when modifying the page
  • Fixed accordion and tabs elements not working in certain conditions
  • Fixed icon element options not applying in certain conditions
  • Fixed shortcodes not working
  • Fixed element changes not saving to history in certain conditions
  • Fixed pseudo-element before options shows console error in certain conditions
  • Fixed restoring from local storage not working in certain conditions
  • Various code cleanup and improvements


November  24, 2020

  • Renamed regenerate css to regenerate css and js
  • Improved history
  • Fixed poper behaviour on scroll
  • Allow save page on content editable
  • Allow browser context on right click in preview mode
  • Hide element menu when scrolling
  • Replaced pageEvents with windows
  • Fix image wrapper border on image option
  • Fixed element custom css not working
  • Fixed Mozilla bug on input
  • Fixed locked user data
  • Update plugin info card for pro version
  • Update Urls for changelog
  • Improve Tabs Element
  • Implemented element scroll to
  • Replace modal tour with intro video
  • Feature: Add Elements Popup pens automatically when column layouts are inserted
  • Feature: Element options panel: Added ability to click on the element title to select the parent element
  • Feature: Abillity to change Column setting for each viewport for Zion's Gallery Element
  • Feature: Make Button Position option changeable per viewport
  • Fixed CSS not generated when using 0 (zero) without any suffix like 'px' for input values
  • Fixed Bug: Absolute Positioning of elements in Zion Builder is not the same as on the front end
  • Fixed Bug CSS not working correctly inside Zion Builder after changing Column ID
  • Fixed Bug Zion Keyboard Shortcuts prohibit from typing capital letters inside the WordPress media popup screen
  • Fixed css classes not cleared when a new css class is added or changed
  • Fixed Bug: Custom Javascript doesn't get removed in 'Custom Javascript' under 'Page Options' when saving page
  • Change Tab name from "Columns" to "Layouts"
  • Updated elements registration
  • Created methods for adding childs to elements
  • Added ability to use zion builder version of Vue
  • Made components package as vue plugin
  • Reorganized components
  • Updated to Popper2
  • Removed Vuex from dependencies
  • Add v1.0.0 to lerna
  • Update to Vue 3 and fix compatibility syntax
  • Switched to monorepo
  • Added filter for license check
  • Fixed image element margin drag hides the toolbox
  • Fixed Zion Builder not working with Yoast in certain conditions
  • Fixed PHP Stan erors
  • Fixed CSS classes not cleared when a new css class is added or changed
  • Update Data Fonts Google set
  • Add ability to get render attributes for multiple tag ids
  • Fix render "Array" string on elements classes
  • Fixed section masks not working
  • Fixed element with no options shows values as array
  • Add padding to element icon for image element


August 17, 2020

  • Renamed plugin
  • Updated stable tag
  • Fixed data update not working properly
  • Changed register element system
  • Updated composer dependencies
  • Replaced PRO description from admin
  • Fixed template not importing images in certain conditions
  • Updated minimum PHP version
  • Performance optimizations
  • Fixed background-size contain
  • Implement pro connection
  • Fix panels height dragging
  • Add pro badge to dashboard
  • Add calendar picker
  • Fix background gradient not working
  • Add new transform properties
  • Moved render methods to render class
  • Added loading gif to element loading
  • Update keywords for elements
  • Fix case sensitive icon search
  • Fixed styles not generating proper css
  • Fix duplicate renderer var
  • Fixed css duplicated
  • Fixed animations visibility glitch
  • Prevent adding emty values on transition property
  • Fix flex direction row in rendered page
  • Fixed uploaded icons not showing in frontend editor
  • Fixed CSS gradients
  • Fixed animation duration and delay not working properly
  • Added offset 0 value for columns
  • Added dynamic background color option type
  • Fixed missing post id for bulk actions API call
  • Implement masks for sections and columns
  • Fix inverse text-shadow icons for horizontal and vertical spread
  • Fix no loader for templates library preview when inserting the item
  • Change png to SVG in section view
  • Add specialFilterPak prop to iconsLibraryModal
  • Fix blur not rendering correctly
  • Add dynamic content to heading, iconbox, iconList, ImageBox,PricingBox, ProgressBars, Testimonial
  • Added vendor prefixes for css styles
  • Added filters to various locations
  • Fix compatibility with older versions of MySQL/MariaDB
  • Remove seconds from History items
  • Fix safari library scroll not working
  • Added filter for options parsing
  • Fix scrollTop and overflow hidden from accordion menu
  • Fixed compatibility with WP 5.4.2
  • Fixed error showing when using video background
  • Added form filters
  • Fixed testimonial element not showing properly in frontend
  • Added filter for element custom CSS
  • Updated plugin version
  • Fixed build command
  • Added namespace to plugin file
  • Updated page builder meta keys
  • Fixed compatibility with legacy zionbuilder
  • Updated phpstan config for v0.12.26
  • Fixed several PHP stan errors
  • Implemented update system
  • Update phpstan config file to remove autoload
  • Added updater base code


May 27, 2020

  • Initial Public Release

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