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Best Builder So Far

I was convinced to give it a try when I saw a heavy Oxygen user suggested to do so. It doesn't let me down.

I'm very happy with this purchase. This is more intuitive and faster than Oxygen. I've been a heavy Oxygen user, and before that, I thought Elementor was the best thing since the creation of WordPress.

Building websites will be simpler and with greater results.

I also confirm it's like a combination of Divi and Oxygen.

It outperforms every aspect of Elementor.

Simply give it a try and you won't regret.


I thought I had bought my last WP builder lol

You had me at "speed". I'm down to only a couple WP sites now thank goodness. But I'm gonna give this a solid try. So far what I've see is brilliant.

One of the things that caught my attention in the video is how we can use css calc() in the padding and margin fields, with thoughtfulness such as that I'm definitely looking forward to seeing using this on a production site. Hopefully it can make me love WP again!

Congrats team


Very Useable from the batch

I have had my eyes on this pagebuilder for a while. Had a look at their website, which at the time was very sparse on information, so I resisted to purchase it for a while. Until this great pricing here.

The builder has all, well nearly all needed features right out of the batch. So you can start building your site straight away. It has a different approach/Gui or a blend of other builders. But you will soon get the hang of it.

The front and backend speed is phenomenal, which makes it a blast to use on daily basis. Still place for improvements, but the team behind seems very open to input from users. SO major issues will be fixed quickly I am sure.

There is alotta builders outthere and I have tried nearly all of them. Zion is up there with the best for sure.

Best Builder Ever!

Yes! we take a single licence for one of our projects, and thinking on get the lifetime licence. Good to get in here!


Easy and powerful!

With Zion Builder I´m back to working with WordPress because it saves me time and it´s fast! I like how I could create different headers and footers for different pages in just minutes after watching the 8 minute tutorial. It works with my current theme so I also give 5 stars! Try it!


Great Support and product

I used to use Elementor, but the cord problem and weight bothered me, so I was looking for an alternative.

To be honest, I found Zion Builder not as intuitive as Elementor. Elements are not drag-and-drop. There are a lot of settings, and it can be a bit confusing at first.

However, you can change a lot of details with no code, and the design is consistent.

You can also overwrite most of the aspects that depend on the theme, which was the biggest problem with WordPress, so you can do the same thing with headers and footers as if you were creating a new theme without cording.

I've tried other similar builders, but I think this one is the best overall.

There were a few things that didn't work well in our server environment, but the support team patiently looked into it and solved it, and I think this company is great.

 I am really happy to get such a product at a low price.


I'm pleasantly surprised

Yes, the page builder on wordpress is so fast that the builder opens even faster than the page itself. When designing a website, constantly reloading builders take almost half the time, or so it feels. Working with Zion builder is enjoyable. Its developers offer very fast and live support for every problem. They listen to your requests and continue to develop accordingly. A page builder with a very bright future. Are there any shortcomings? There is, of course, but it is completed very quickly. Almost every tool needed to make a site is built in. The sites you build with Zion Builder are so light that no unnecessary items are loaded. I definitely recommend it. Thank you StefanBalasa and his team.


I'm pleasantly surprised

I've done some tests, I'm pleasantly surprised. It's a very promising Builder theme I like it very much. The user interface is very pleasant, a good mix between Divi and Elementor, and better than Oxygen.

In terms of speed, the Builder theme depends on a WordPress theme, which can influence the speed. I congratulate you, indeed, Zion Builder is really fast, well-optimized.

As Montage

Zion Builder surprised me a lot

Zion Builder surprised me a lot. It is already a combination of the largest builders on the market. It focuses on comprehensive, unlimited site creation, while maintaining simplicity for non-encoders and yet full control for webmasters. All this while maintaining the lightness of the code without bloating. So far, everything is in the beginning, but I believe that it will gradually develop fully, and if the developers work hard on zion and listen to users, which they are doing now (communication with them is amazing) then it will be one of the best builders. According to the developers, many things that are still missing are being completed and will be gradually supplemented. Like full header and footer editing, full editing for third-party elements, and more.


Been using Zion for some weeks now

I have been using Zion Builder for some weeks now, and I'm really impressed. There are still work to do, but I'm so impressed by the speed and quality of the plugin. I made a review you can watch here: https://phillipstemann.com/zion-builder-intuitive-wordpress-builder/

I can't wait for global styling, it will be a real time saver.


Zion Builder surprised me a lot

The builder is still in active development and huge changes are happening. I'm very happy with the way this is turning out. Have not used it on a client website yet, as i'm not yet sure about the stability longterm, what i see until now update wise, makes me happy.

The builder is super fast to load, and code output is also excellent.


My website became very fast after using Zion Builder

My website became very fast after using Zion Builder
If you are using Elementor or Divi and you do not see the Zion Builder icon, create templates and through SHORTCODE you can add them anywhere so that you can use only the important features in Elementor or Divi and by Perfmatters remove Elementor or Divi from pages where you do not use them Elementor or Divi
You will see that your site has become very fast


Nice Page Builder

The Zion Builder has a good combination of flexibility, intuitive design and fast code. With some other builders, you can get fast code but you sacrifice so much on usability that you might as well hard code the website. Not so with Zion. I'm glad I bought this product and am looking forward to its further development and refinement.


Nice Library of templates

The templates from the library look really great btw!

Matthias Vogelzang

Keeps Getting Better

I have been using Zion Builder for a past month and there is continual improvement. The developers have been listening to users and prioritizing features based on feedback. Each update adds new things, but also fixes issues and improves the user experience.


Lightweight and awesome

It's a very lightweight builder and easy to implement. A novice can use it without a problem, an experienced user will gain even more. The speed on the front end and the editor itself is very fast -- NO BLOAT, unlike many of the legacy builders on the market (Divi, Elementor, Beaver, etc.). Similar in that way to Oxygen and Bricks. VERY happy with the purchase.


Speed is great

I really think Elementor, Divi and other slow builders have no future, espacially with the new SEO speed rules from the google search engine for 2021 and also because of Gutenberg. Oxygen and Zion can be the future. Oxygen is faster and more powerfull than Gutenberg. If Zion has the same speed than that is awesome. Also because Zion Builder is working with themes (not like Oxygen) it is usefull in projects where developers need a theme. So Zion Builder and Oxygen will be the best solution to build awesome and fast wordpress websites. Good luck for your projekt!

וסוכר קומוניזם

Full Control even for No-Code builders

Yeah, I fall within the No-Code builder category. BUt I am super happy with Zion. I have played around with others and been looking for something that gives me control of everything, in one place, and minimises the plugins. Zion is the answer for me. Taking some learning curves, but the support, and community around Zion is great. Thanks to the team and keep it coming.


Super fast website builder

Get yourself a great bargain - lifetime access to Zion builder on unlimited websites is a steal for a super fast website builder. I've been using Divi for years, and still will on certain webistes where I need a certain functionality.

But Zion Builder is catching up FAST with its own functionality and is a lot faster to use, and therefore less frustrating. As the months and years go by I'll be using Zion more and more - speed of the site, for end users and for developers is increasingly imprtant and I love that they are prioritising this. Highly recommended.


OMG this is super fast!

I really love the speed of Zion, I'm in Love!
Although I'm missing a lot of Divi's plugins that I had purchased, it's definitely worth learning Zion. I will support Zion because I believe in the future and speed is a priority when it comes to building websites.


One of my fav

I see a lot of WordPress templates out there to design. But most of them after WordPress does a few updates most don't update. Why I like this one as they have been around a bit known by another name parent company. So I feel confident about updates. Also the plugin is very light pretty fast. I have only bought like three plugins themes to design WordPress sites. From companies who keep update with what's new. Why I like this plugin theme thing. I wish it added boxes to the blog post something I had long time ago. But that is a minor suggestion design improvment.


Awesome deal

I use Elementor and Brizy to build websites but this builder is crazy. It loads really fast. No regrets about purchasing this. Should grab it before it's out. Thanks for building this. Need to get used to this but happy of the purchase. After all it is about ROI for clients and the important thing is the website brings sales for site owners. Other builders are too expensive, yes they have established names but this one has a great potential and I trust the team as I can see that they are actively developing the app.

Thanks. More pre made templates please especially for nonprofits.


This builder is the future

Fantastic vision, team and product. My suggestion is that you reach out to heavy hitters early for integrations. Specifically Wpfusion (Jack Arturo), Uncanny Automator and the Fluent Crm team. Sky is the limit if you keep this up.


Happy with my purchase

I am a WordPress newby and I needed some time to get used to the product, but the more I use it, the more I like it. Lots of customizations possible and it works fast. Very happy I bought this.


Awesome work

Awesome work guys, the builder is a real joy to use! For those interested: Zion is an awesome new builder that really lets you in control of your layout. The interface is really clean while still giving you full control. I also love the abillity of being able to nest columns infinitely and add classes for shared styling, that alone gives you so much creative freedom. Now you can design almost anything beforehand like in Figma or Sketch whilst knowing Zion got your back. The developers respond really quickly to any issue I’ve encountered and also listen really well to any feedback and/or suggestion. Also for the coders: The outputted code is really clean, gone are the days of diviception like in other builders. Note: I’m not endorsed or affiliated to Zion Builder! I just love their product and wanted to share my experience with it.

Awesome builder! Especially their Elements API makes building custom elements/widgets a real breeze, even if you have just basic php/js knowledge. Also the builder is very powerful and a perfect fit for any designer that wants to get into webdesign. Especially the ability to nest columns infinitely really makes advanced layouts a breeze. Cheers!
Christiaan Bruinsma

User-Friendly for Beginners

I'm a designer by trade and have dabbled ever so slightly into the world of wordpress. I have previously used Divi to build 1 site many moons ago.

So armed with little experience of what I should/shouldn't be doing, I found it very easy to use Zion Builder so far. Their YouTube tutorials were a big help in this step and I feel confident that Zion Builder will finally allow me to take the leap into building the sites that I design.

Having the right tools, definitely makes learning new skills much easier!


It's Fast and Impressive

Page performance and experience optimization is critically import - it's also a huge part of my reputation in the website industry.
Hence, because of this I moved away from Elementor 2 yrs ago and have been developing with Oxygen Builder as it is the best available - fast website development coupled with clean and minimal code.
Zion Builder is on par with Oxygen. It is fast - DAMN FAST!
One of the major things that puts Zion above Elementor is the slim code size it generates. Elementor creates lots of code and tons of DIV's. Zion's code is beautiful compared to Elementor.

Obviously, these sample templates were not identical at all, but it gives you a general idea of how fast Zion is without any optimizations performed.

There is no comparison between Zion and Elementor - Zion can run circles around Elementor.

However, there are not many prebuilt Zion templates to choose from, but my guess is they are building more. You can always view the Elementor templates for inspiration for your own custom Zion designs 😉

Also, there isn't much in the way of 3rd party add-ons for Zion. A quick search on CodeCanyon returns zero results.

Then again, some of the worst aspects of Elementor come from the poorly coded 3rd party plugins that can cripple your website performance.

YES! Grab this deal now. If you like Elementor, then you will quickly adapt to Zion. And you will greatly benefit from the speedy pages it creates.


Great potential, and super fast!

Zion Builder loads extremely fast both on the frontend and backend. I think there are lots of possibilities here. Although the library is still a bit limited. Developers are actively working on it, and the Facebook community is incredibly helpful and active. The price is too good to pass up.


Best builder ever

I am waiting for more and better features of Zion Builder.
This page builder is the best page builder in the world and I believe in it!


Thank you!

I was looking for a lightweight page builder with lots of features and I have to say I found it. It even include functionalities which other Page Builders charge for and it’s very easy to understand and use. Thanks a lot guys…


Better than elementor

Very light and comfortable, even better than elementor!


The love child of Divi, Elementor...but Blazing fast on both front and back end.

This builder is really promising and will be easy to use if you are used to Divi or Elementor.

Built on Vue JS framework (one of the fastest nowadays) and packed with almost every feature you need for building all types of websites. E.g e-commerce, lead gen, business website, websites to use for paid traffic.

The developers are keen on listening to feedback and are really focused on developing the product. Don't believe me? Join their FB group and see for yourself https://www.facebook.com/groups/221751435916663


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