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I've done some tests, I'm pleasantly surprised. It's a very promising Builder theme I like it very much. The user interface is very pleasant, a good mix between Divi and Elementor, and better than Oxygen.

In terms of speed, the Builder theme depends on a WordPress theme, which can influence the speed. I congratulate you, indeed, Zion Builder is really fast, well-optimized.

As Montage

Zion Builder surprised me a lot. It is already a combination of the largest builders on the market. It focuses on comprehensive, unlimited site creation, while maintaining simplicity for non-encoders and yet full control for webmasters. All this while maintaining the lightness of the code without bloating. So far, everything is in the beginning, but I believe that it will gradually develop fully, and if the developers work hard on zion and listen to users, which they are doing now (communication with them is amazing) then it will be one of the best builders. According to the developers, many things that are still missing are being completed and will be gradually supplemented. Like full header and footer editing, full editing for third-party elements, and more.


The templates from the library look really great btw!

Matthias Vogelzang

I really think Elementor, Divi and other slow builders have no future, espacially with the new SEO speed rules from the google search engine for 2021 and also because of Gutenberg. Oxygen and Zion can be the future. Oxygen is faster and more powerfull than Gutenberg. If Zion has the same speed than that is awesome. Also because Zion Builder is working with themes (not like Oxygen) it is usefull in projects where developers need a theme. So Zion Builder and Oxygen will be the best solution to build awesome and fast wordpress websites. Good luck for your projekt!

וסוכר קומוניזם
Awesome work guys, the builder is a real joy to use! For those interested: Zion is an awesome new builder that really lets you in control of your layout. The interface is really clean while still giving you full control. I also love the abillity of being able to nest columns infinitely and add classes for shared styling, that alone gives you so much creative freedom. Now you can design almost anything beforehand like in Figma or Sketch whilst knowing Zion got your back. The developers respond really quickly to any issue I’ve encountered and also listen really well to any feedback and/or suggestion. Also for the coders: The outputted code is really clean, gone are the days of diviception like in other builders. Note: I’m not endorsed or affiliated to Zion Builder! I just love their product and wanted to share my experience with it.

Awesome builder! Especially their Elements API makes building custom elements/widgets a real breeze, even if you have just basic php/js knowledge. Also the builder is very powerful and a perfect fit for any designer that wants to get into webdesign. Especially the ability to nest columns infinitely really makes advanced layouts a breeze. Cheers!
Christiaan Bruinsma

I am waiting for more and better features of Zion Builder.
This page builder is the best page builder in the world and I believe in it!


I was looking for a lightweight page builder with lots of features and I have to say I found it. It even include functionalities which other Page Builders charge for and it’s very easy to understand and use. Thanks a lot guys…


Very light and comfortable, even better than elementor!


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