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Why choose Zion Builder over other page builders.








To rate the usability we measured whether and how easy the users can perform certain tasks and if there are any limits when using the page builder without writing code, the time it requires to do a certain task, the error rate, and users' overall subjective satisfaction.


Get Passed the Core Web Vitals assessment and Pingdom Website Speed Test without any hustle.


Access unique tools that let you customize every part of your site with ease without writing a single line of code.


The amount of features bundled with the builder, 3rd party plugins and marketplace built around the page builder.


Increase your efficiency by experiencing a super-fast website builder in both frontend and backend.


Zion Builder

Top Strengths

Hyper-fast Website Builder

Increase your efficiency by experiencing a super-fast website builder in both frontend and backend for the first time.

High Flexiblity & Customizability

Access unique tools that let you customize every part of your site with ease.

Dynamic Data

Use dynamic data to design beautiful templates and apply them across your website.

Superior Repeater functionality

Build repeatable blocks within any element, including sliders, tab or accordion etc.

Built on Vue.js

Vue.js 3 is one of the most performant frontend frameworks.

Clean Code

Generate a clean code as if a lead developer were writing it for you.

WooCommerce Builder

The WooCommerce Builder gives you the freedom to design  every page of your online store exactly the way you want.

Theme Builder

Customize every part of your WordPress site without any coding including your Header, Footer, Blog, WooCommerce Archive pages etc.

Mega-Menu Builder

Customize your menu as you wish and create interactive drop-down menus for your navigation without any code.

Library Share

Access and reuse your Locally saved Blocks from any of your website projects.

Developer Friendly API

Creating your first Zion Builder addon is as easy as writing a line of code.

Future Proof

Zion Builder is scalable and future proof.

Light/Dark UI

Zion Builder's Dark UI saves your laptop battery life, ease eye strain, particularly at night.


Advanced layout capabilities for all elements. Align any element as you wish.

No Bloat

Zion Builder loads only the necesary code & assets needed for your page to run.

No Divception

Improve performance by reducing unnecessary divs. Clean code output - no divception.

SEO Performance

Use Zion Builder, and Google will thank you! Zion Builder's clean code output and fast load times keep visitors and search engine bots happy, ranking your website higher.

Scroll Animations

Trigger cool animations on scroll to bring your website to life.

Support & Updates

Get regular updates and support while your membership is active, or lifetime support & updates if you get the LTD.

Multi Layered Gradients

Create beautiful gradients using Zion Builder's unique layered gradients feature.


Selectively display any element based on a condition or set of conditions.

Modular UI

Rearrange your workspace as you wish. Zion Builder lets you undock all the side pannels and rearange them as you want.

CSS States & Pseudo-Classes

Style any of your CSS states and pseudo classes visually. No coding needed.

Responsive Breakpoints

Zion Builder allows you to add your own breakpoints in addition to existing breakpoints for Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile.

Modal Builder

Design a Modal Popup the way you want, without any code, trigger it when scrolling, after a few seconds, on exit behavior, click or more.

Slider Builder

Add any content or layout to a slider and make it slide. Use the repeater and dynamic data to load content from your blog or products from the shop.

Blog Archive & Post Builder

Build templates with the Theme Builder and apply them to core WordPress pages like blog archive, single blog posts etc.

White Label

White Label lets you rebrand the pagebuilder's name with your own companys name or logo.

Header & Footer Builder

Build custom headers and footers and apply them to any page that you want.

Child Selectors

Style any child element visually using the child selectors. This opens the door to beautiful hover animations.

Library of Pre-Designed Blocks & Templates

Take advantage of pre-design blocks to boost the launch of your website. Add content, customize it and make it your own.

User Roles Permissions

Give access  to your content or Zion Builder only to certain user roles.

Global colors & Gradients

You can apply global colors throughout your site, which you can change in one go.

Custom Fonts & Icons

Integration with Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts. Possibility to upload your own fonts or import fonts from Google Fonts locally.


ZionBuilder lets you integrate all your work into ACF, Meta Box, Rankmath SEO, SEO Press, Yoast SEO, and HappyFiles and watch your website perform *chef’s kiss* perfectly.

CSS / JavaScript / PHP

Easily add CSS, Javascript and PHP code snippets to Zion Builder pages, elements or header/body/footer scripts.

License & updates






Free version available

Try Pro for free before purchase





Access to all Pro features

The price that you will need to pay to access all the Pro features, sometimes you only need to purchase one license, and paying extra to get more licenses is not something that you want. Zion Builder grants access to all Pro the features for as low as $39/year/license and Elementor for $49/year/license with some feature restrictions. Oxygen doesn't have a yearly payment option, just one time payment at a higher price, Divi has a yearly payment but not for single licenses and at a higher price $89.

Low Tier Price





High Tier Price





Yearly Support & Updates

How cheap are the support and updates if you just want one license and all features access.

Lifetime Support & Updates

How cheap are the support and updates if you just want unlimited licenses and all features access.

Maximum nr. of Sites per License










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What our members say

Best Builder So Far

I was convinced to give it a try when I saw a heavy Oxygen user suggested to do so. It doesn't let me down.

I'm very happy with this purchase. This is more intuitive and faster than Oxygen. I've been a heavy Oxygen user, and before that, I thought Elementor was the best thing since the creation of WordPress.

Building websites will be simpler and with greater results.
I also confirm it's like a combination of Divi and Oxygen.
It outperforms every aspect of Elementor. Simply give it a try and you won't regret.


I thought I had bought my last WP builder lol

You had me at "speed". I'm down to only a couple WP sites now thank goodness. But I'm gonna give this a solid try. So far what I've see is brilliant.

One of the things that caught my attention in the video is how we can use css calc() in the padding and margin fields, with thoughtfulness such as that I'm definitely looking forward to seeing using this on a production site. Hopefully it can make me love WP again!

Congrats team!


Plesantly Surprised.

I have started experimenting with Zion Builder and have been very pleasantly surprised. I find it easier to control on page elements than in Elementor.

Martin Unger


Hey folks, Just have to say that I love this plugin!!! I use the Pro version and what a breathe of fresh air. No bloat, no DOM dominance with <div>’s, super lightweight and fast, clean and intuitive UI, and just the right amount of features. Love it!


Great Page Builder for SEO.

Page load time is an important factor for Google to rank the web pages. If you think SEO is important, Zion Builder should be used instead. This page builder is very lightweight and faster than Elementor. This is what make it better for SEO.


Lightweight with lots of features.

I was looking for a lightweight page builder with lots of features and I have to say I found it. It even include functionalities which other Page Builders charge for and it's very easy to understand and use. Thanks a lot guys...








Templates & Blocks Design Quality

Design quality

Template Kits

Template kits are a collection of several templates, designed for one niche.











Blocks are sections of a template, which can be stacked on top of each other and make up an entire web page.





Right Click Actions

Copy Paste between tabs / pages

Resize elements by drag

Zion Builder can resize any element width/height by fluidly dragging their borders, Oxygen doesn't let you resize elements by dragging the borders, Elementor can adjust only the width of the columns and some elments, Divi lets you resize some of the elements but the experience is laggy.

Draggable Margin & Padding

Zion Builder lets you add margins and paddings visually by dragging any element inner/outer border with a fluid experience. You can also use ctrl or ctrl+shift to set incremental values or set even values. Oxygen  doesn't have a way to set even values or incremental values, Elementor doesn't have a way to set visual margins & paddings, Divi has a laggy experience.

Discard changes

Zion Builder vs Elementor

"There is no comparison between Zion and Elementor - Zion can run circles around Elementor."

Advantages: Speed, Flexibility, Usability, Performance

Disadvantage: Features







Local Library + Share

Zion Builder lets you save your designed blocks locally, generating live screenshots for them, you can then reuse them throughout your website. Also lets you share your local library with multiple websites. Elementor, Oxygen & Divi have no screenshot preview for saved blocks and no sharing with other websites option. Oxygen Library navigation is counter-productive and needs to many clicks to access desired blocks or templates.

Custom Breakpoints

Modular UI

Zion Builder lets you move the UI panels and dock them in any combination that you want, enabling you to edit the page or add elements while in full-width mode, giving you a pleasant experience when designing.

Oxygen has fixed UI and you can't add elements while in full-width mode.

Elementor has no full-width edit mode but lets you dock the navigation.

Divi has a full-width edit experience, the layers can not be docked, the settings bar can be docked anywhere you want and you can add elements and adjust the page while in full-width edit mode.

Light / Dark UI


Enable a full range of flexbox atributes visually without typing a single line of code.

Tree View

Zion Builder tree-view is can be undocked or docked to the left or right. You can copy-paste styles by right clicking the layers and also doing other actions.

Oxygen doesn't have right-click options for tree-view layers and neither copy-pasting styles option from one layer to the other. Also, the position of the tree-view is fixed.

Elementor can be undocked and docked only to the right side of the screen and also has right-click options.

Divi has floating navigation that can not be docked, has layers with right-click actions, and the ability to search and filter layers.

Section View

Section View is the easiest way to reorder entire sections/block designs when you have a big landing page, and your tree view layers are all expanded. Instead of collapsing all layers then figuring which layer to move where, you simply go to section view where you can visually see your section, then move it where you want. *chef's kiss*

Wireframe View

Parent selectors Tree View

Zion Builder has two other tree-views, one horizontal breadcrumbs tree-view and one mini vertical tree-view that lets you easily find your elements parents from the edit area or element options area without the need of opening the main tree view.

Zion Builder vs Oxygen

"I was convinced to give it a try when I saw a heavy Oxygen user suggested to do so. It doesn't let me down. I'm very happy with this purchase. This is more intuitive and faster than Oxygen."

Advantages: Speed, Flexibility, Usability, Performance

Disadvantage: Features

Design & Styling






Global colors & Gradients

Zion Builder lets you save both global colors and global gradients, while the rest of page builders only save global colors. Zion builder lets you add multiple gradients one over the other each gradient with unlimited colors. Divi & Elementor are limited to two colors per gradient, Oxygen UI is not as user-friendly as ZionBuilder's gradient tool and without the layered gradients.

Copy Paste styles

Copy Paste styles to another selector

CSS Classes & Pseudo-Classes

Have access to all CSS properties for all inner parts of components.

Child Selectors

Style any child element visually using the child selectors. This opens the door to beautiful hover animations. Apply hover/focus effects to child elements from the parent style options.

Add classes to child elements.

Zion Builder let's you add classes visually to child elements. For example to the icon inside a button; for the tabs and content of an accordion etc.

White Label

White Label lets you rebrand Zion Builder with your own companys name and logo.

Multi-layerd Gradients

Unlimited Gradient colors

Blend Modes


Columns flexibility / Layout building

The ease with which you create layouts using columns or containers, resizing them, and how flexible they are. Adding margins and paddings, using shortcut keys while dragging.

Entry Animations

CSS Transform

Custom Fonts

Adobe fonts integration

Zion Builder vs Divi

"I really think Elementor, Divi and other slow builders have no future, espacially with the new SEO speed rules from the google search engine for 2021 and also because of Gutenberg."


"I'm a designer by trade and have dabbled ever so slightly into the world of wordpress. I have previously used Divi to build 1 site many moons ago. So armed with little experience of what I should/shouldn't be doing, I found it very easy to use Zion Builder so far. Their YouTube tutorials were a big help in this step and I feel confident that Zion Builder will finally allow me to take the leap into building the sites that I design.

Having the right tools, definitely makes learning new skills much easier!"

Advantages: Speed, Flexibility, Usability, Performance

Disadvantage: Features

Dynamic data






Dynamic Data

ACF Integration

Meta Box



Build custom repeater queries with ease in advanced elements like sliders, accordions, tabs, etc. Zion Builder let's you turn any element into a repeater

To make the tests as accurate as possible we've built a landing page with each page builder, using the same elements, the landing pages were hosted on the same server and didn't do any optimizations. Then tested the pages on Google's PageSpeed and Pingdom 10 times in different periods of the day and averaged the score.

Tested Landing Page

Google PageSpeed





Resource type

Total Requests





Total Transfer Size

149.4 KiB

288.9 KiB

534.4 KiB

270.2 KiB

Google PageSpeed





Resource type

Total Requests





Total Transfer Size

215.3 KiB

288.9 KiB

443.0 KiB

320.9 KiB






Page size

257.8 KB

349.3 KB

487.4 KB

382.9 KB






Back-End Speed

How snappy the builder feels when using it. We have sanctioned any laggy behavior when dragging or clicking different actions or if any bugs occurred when using the UI. Oxygen has small layout shifts noticeable in the options panel, you can see the element handle UI reposition itself when choosing a different device, the draggable margin and padding are not as fluid as Zion Builder, small delays between selections compared with Zion Builder where the selection is instant. Elementor is a bit laggy only when switching between different responsive devices. Divi backend speed needs serious improvements. 

Google PageSpeed


No Bloat

No Divception

Load Google fonts Locally

Disable jQuery migrate

Disable WordPress emojis

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