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Zion Builder Pro


April 12, 2021

* Added style options for modal close button
* Added CSS Object Fit options to display options
* Added WooCommerce product tabs element
* Added ability to set a template for single post types that belong to a specific taxonomy
* Added inner content element
* Added error message that appears when a license key is not valid ( invaid or expired )
* Added: In white label options you can now change the plugin slug ( the slug that appears in various admin pages )
* Added additional style options for various WooCommerce elements
* Added style options for WooCommerce sale badge
* Improvement: Removed outline from slider builder navigation buttons
* Improvement: Elements generated from server are now Automatically refreshed when the current post id is changed from page options
* Improvement: Slider builder now has 100% width by default
* Improved: All elements that show data for a specific post now automatically refresh when chaning the post
* Improved theme builder modal UI
* Improved: The pagination element will not appear if there are no pages to show
* Removed PRO label for various pro elements
* Fixed Slider builder slides to show not chaning live in edit mode
* Fixed dynamic data not showing correct value in edit mode in certain conditions
* Fixed dynamic content not showing featured image in certain conditions
* Fixed dynamic contentimage not working for background image in certain conditions
* Fixed autoplay option for Slider builder not working in certain conditions
* Fixed White label plugin name change breaks theme builder admin page
* Various code cleanup and fixes


March 16, 2021

* Feature: Added slider builder element
* Feature: Added modal/popup builder
* Feature: Added WooCommerce loop add to cart element
* Fixed: Various small fixes and improvements


February 26, 2021

* Feature: Theme builder ( header and footer builder )
* Feature: Added invert filter to style options
* Feature: Added ability to add custom attributes to elements
* Feature: Allow selecting dynamic data source
* Feature: Woocommerce elements
* Feature: White label
* Feature: Repeater elements
* Improvement: RTL support
* Improvement: Pro license display on mobile
* Improvement: Added translate strings for dynamicContent Option
* Improvement: Updated plugin structure to support integrations
* Fixed custom code not loading element file
* Fixed missing pro label to custom code
* Fixed templates sortable not working
* Fixed custom icons preview modal
* Fixed title on social share element


December 8, 2020

  • Fixed custom classes not applying on socialShare, search and accordion elements


December 7, 2020

  • Added custom PHP options to Custom Code element
  • Improved: The admin dashboard now reloads when inserting the API key


November 27, 2020

  • Hotfix for lifetime license


November 24, 2020

  • Fixed various issues related to global colors/gradients
  • Fixed icons list not adding to tabs
  • Updated tabs to zb 1.1.0
  • Add loader when delete license key
  • Removed utils
  • Register elements with the new system
  • Re-organize code structure
  • Updated dependencies
  • Updated folder structure
  • Update to vue 3 and fix syntax compatibility
  • Fixed text domain used for elements


September 26, 2020

  • Hotfix for typeKit


August 19, 2020

  • Initial Public Release