Tree view panel

The Tree view panel displays the current content of the working window in the form of a hierarchical tree view. To collapse a particular node in the tree view, click on the arrow, and on a tab to jump at the selected item. Also, you can rename each node or reorder with drag & drop […]

Section view panel

The Section view panel displays thumbnails with captures of the content sections from the working window. The sections can be renamed and reorganized with drag & drop function. Also, you can make right-click on the selected item to Duplicate, Copy, Cut, Delete, Hide element, Copy element styles, Discard element styles, Save element. Note: Enjoy all […]

Wireframe view panel

The Wireframe view panel displays the current content of the working window in the form of hierarchical accordions. It helps you get an overview of all the elements on the page. The sections and elements can be renamed and reorganized with drag & drop function. Also, you can make right-click on the selected item to […]


History is a handy feature in Zion Builder for anyone who publishes content on a regular basis. Zion Builder automatically saves all the changes you make to your posts. You can undo those changes and go back to an earlier version at any time.  Note: Enjoy all the stunning features that the Zion Builder contains […]

Undo & Redo

These features allow you to undo or redo an action in the page builder. It will come in handy especially when you want to revert the actions to a previous state that you were working on. To be able to use the redo feature, you will first need to undo an action. Undo and redo […]

Global CSS Classes

Classes are names that you can assign to a set of styles and apply them to elements. This helps when you want to apply the same style rules to multiple elements. You can search and add a class from the Styling tab of any element. Steps to add a class: Right-click on element -> click […]

Auto-save system

Zion Builder has an Auto-Save feature, that works automatically while you are designing your page. All of this happens in the background. If your browser crashes while you are editing, simply go back to your working page, it will be there waiting for you. Note: Enjoy all the stunning features that the Zion Builder contains inside and use […]

Key shortcuts

Key shortcuts are keyboard shortcuts that can be used to do some common actions in Zion Builder. It saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to click anything. You can easily access the Key shortcuts from the main panel. Here is a list of the currently available hotkeys: CTRL + S – Save […]


Templates allow you to save predefined sets of elements and blocks as a template and then reuse it when you’ll need them. This feature is very useful because you don’t need to repeat the same process over and over again. To save an element or entire section, open the Element Toolbox panel and select “Save […]

Export/Import Templates

Zion Builder includes an export / import feature, allowing users to easily copy the structure of an entire page templates, including all its sections, and import it to another page. This action will export a .zip file containing your template configuration. Import templates from the Templates Panel > Local Library > Import button. Click the cloud […]

Local Library

Local library contains your saved templates and elements. Here you can store your favorite layouts, sections or elements for later use. Once an item has been added to your Local Library, it can be quickly accessed when building new pages. Choose the one you want, and click on it to import it. The elements from […]

Zion Library (Pro)

Reduce website design time by using pixel perfect ready to use website demos from our library of starter templates. Save yourself hours of design time. The elements from the library are easily located through the search component that retrieves the searches by category or name. Templates can be previewed in an iframe either from the […]

Inline editor

The inline editor facilitates text formatting by providing easy access to text properties. Open Inline Editor by clicking on any text element.Close Inline editor by clicking outside it. Inline Editor position.You can change the Inline Editor position by dragging the three dots icon. Inline Editor options: Font optionsOpen font options by clicking the “Aa” icon […]


With Zion Builder responsive option your content will be accessible on desktop and mobile devices. No extra steps or programming required. Control how stacking behaves on different devices, define offsets of your choice, and hide particular elements on specific device types. Take full control over responsive design and get the best possible responsive website. Responsive […]

Using background option

Background colorOpen background color options by clicking the color icon in background tab.To apply background color, open color picker by clicking the color placeholder “Select background color” and selecting a color(see using color picker). Background gradientOpen background gradient options by clicking the gradient icon in background tab.To apply background gradient, open background gradient options by […]

Regenerate CSS

Styles set in Zion Builder are saved in CSS files in the uploads folder. Recreate those files, according to the most recent settings. Access the Zion Builder dashboard -> Tools -> Regenerate CSS. This will clear your CSS files and will generate new files when you make changes to your pages.

Replace URL s

Enter your old and new URLs for your WordPress installation, to update all Zion data (Relevant for domain transfers or move to ‘HTTPS’). Important: It is strongly recommended that you backup your database before using Replace URL. Zion dashboard > Tools > Replace URL How to backup your database Backup using cPanel cPanel is a popular control panel […]

Dynamic Content (Pro)

Dynamic content feature allows you to replace static content in content elements that are managed in WordPress. This means you can transform a regular text block into a post title or a single image into a featured image. Whenever that content changes, it will be automatically updated across your entire website. The dynamic content feature […]