Global Colors & Gradients (Pro)

Global Colors and Gradients allow you to edit a color or a gradient in one place and have those changes take effect everywhere that color is used on your site. CREATING A GLOBAL COLOR To save a color as a global color, click on the color picker select color, choose Global and input box to […]

Custom Icons (Pro)

Importing custom icon packs created with Fontello, Icomoon, or Fontastic has never been easier. Any new icon pack added will be available in Zion Builder icon library popup when customizing the elements on your page. The custom icons added on the page, support the customization of the same style as the default ones ( adjust […]

Custom Fonts (Pro)

Zion Builder Pro makes it really easy to add custom fonts to your website. After uploading your font files (WOFF, WOFF2, TTF, SVG, EOT) to Zion Builder, your newly added fonts will be available in the Zion Builder editor at typography settings. Once you’ve uploaded font files to their respective fields, click the ‘Save’ button. […]

Adobe Fonts (Pro)

Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) is an online library of fonts. To use Adobe Fonts with Zion Builder Pro, you’ll need to have an Adobe Fonts account. The integration with Adobe Fonts was thought even from the beginning because this is a feature designers need. Enter the Project token from Adobe fonts and the connection automatically […]

White label (Pro)

Zion builder offers the white label feature, replacing the plugin title, logo, loader image and help URL. White label options are not visible in the admin from the start. They get activated by typing the variable whitelabel at the end of Zion builder admin URl. To access the white label, you have to change the […]

Child selectors

Child selectors is a unique feature introduced in the 2.3.0 version that allows you to style any child css selector of an element and even for custom css classes. Child selectors can be added from both the styling tab for each element or global CSS classes options found in page settings. We will be focusing […]

WooCommerce builder

Learn how to build a custom WooCommerce Product Archive page, and Single Product Page, using the Theme Builder, the Repeter and Dynamic Data with Zion Builder Pro.


Learn how to use the repeater by watching the video. You can find the repeater options under the advanced tab of each element. The repeater works like this. You have a “Provider” and a “Consumer“. Whenever you want to output a filtered set data, you will need to enable the repeater provider somewhere up the […]

Mega Menu

You can find the “Mega menu options” under Appearance > Menus How to add a mega-menu Press the “Mega menu options” button. This will open a popup with these settings Enable the mega menu content and press “Edit with Zion builder” Create your content using the page builder Save & Publish page Press the “Close […]

Coming soon/Maintenance mode

Coming soon and maintenance mode was added in version 2.6.0. These new options can be found inside the Zion Builder dashboard > General Settings > Maintenance mode. In order to use this feature, you will need to create a template that will be used as the Coming soon/maintenance mode. This can be done directly from […]

Dark mode

Starting with version 2.7.0 Zion Builder has light and dark mode. In order to enable dark mode, you will need to: Open Zion Builder admin dashboard Go to Settings Select “Appearance” from left menu Select “Dark mode”

Element advanced display conditions

With Zion Builder PRO you have access to advanced display conditions that will help you display the element only if certain conditions are met. Activating the advanced display conditions In order to activate the advanced display conditions, you will need to edit the element options by clicking on the element, going to the “Advanced” tab, […]