Global CSS Classes

Classes are names that you can assign to a set of styles and apply them to elements. This helps when you want to apply the same style rules to multiple elements.

You can add a class from the Styling tab of any element.

Steps to add a class:

Right-click on element -> click edit -> go to styling tab -> select the content to which you want to apply the class -> open selector dropdown -> enter a class name -> click “Add Class” button.
Now the named class is applied to the element.

When you apply a class to an element, it becomes available in Global CSS Classes.

Access Global CSS classes from Options -> Global CSS Classes. In Global CSS classes you can see all the classes created so far.

Clicking on a class opens the style options, from here you can modify its attributes.
If you use the same element repeatedly on your page, it is recommended to create a global class and apply it to all elements with the same style.

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