Free version

Added: Eyedropper to color picker

Added: Highlight the affected element when hovering on element style options items

Added: Code hinting to all code option types- for example, element custom CSS

Added: Option for choosing the accordion title HTML tag

Added: Options to style the active accordion title

Fixed: Image gallery media modal not showing images in certain conditions

Improvement: Removed unit selection from number inputs

Improvement: Updated number unit component to Vue setup and typescript

Improvement: When clicking on an element inside the tree view panel, the page will scroll to that element inside the preview window

Improvement: Double click to rename elements inside tree view panels

Improvement: Removed extra click needed to set margin/padding values

Improvement: Added proper title to icon border radius option

Fixed: CSS is not removing in editor in certain conditions

Fixed: Background size option not displaying properly when the main bar is placed on the bottom of the page

Fixed: Preview window not filling the entire screen when activating preview mode

[DEV] Improvement: Updated dimensions input to Vue 3 and script setup

[DEV] Improvement: Updated Input HTML component to Vue 3 script setup and typescript

[DEV] Improvement: Updated Vue to 3.2.41

[DEV] Added: Ability to set body classes when adding an element to the page inside the editor

Pro version

Added: icons and specific colors for repeater providers and consumers in element toolbox and tree view panels

Added: WooCommerce thank you element

Added: WooCommerce store notices element

Added: WooCommerce mini cart element

Added: Ability to style the thank you page with theme builder

Added: Additional style options for WooCommerce Product reviews form element

Added: Additional style options for WooCommerce cart product element

Improved: Compatibility between custom code element and some server configuration

Added: Sale price style options for Product price element

Improvement: Disable slider builder auto play inside editor

Fixed: Mega menu display center not working

Fixed: Pagination previous and next links are reversed

Fixed: Mobile menu breakpoint trigger not working in editor mode

Fixed: Background image not set for single page templates if the dynamic image is used


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