Report bugs

If you think you’ve found a bug please report to us by opening a support ticket.

How to open a support ticket

You can open a support ticket from the bottom of any documentation page by clicking the “SUBMIT A TICKET” button.

Update Zion Builder

You should always update Zion Builder to the latest version. When a new version of Zion Builder is available you will receive an update message in your WordPress Admin Screens. To update Zion Builder, click the link in this message. Before you begin the update process, take the following precautions to ensure you don’t run into […]

Using Inline Editor

We promised a page building tool that lets you do everything on the front end. We are making it sure you don’t miss anything that a page builder tool can ever offer. The inline editor feature has the ability to edit text directly on the page. Simply click on your page and start typing. Not […]

White label (Pro)

Zion builder offers the white label feature, replacing the plugin title, logo, loader image and help URL. White label options are not visible in the admin from the start. They get activated by typing the variable whitelabel at the end of Zion builder admin URl. To access the white label, you have to change the […]