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We promised a page building tool that lets you do everything on the front end. We are making it sure you don’t miss anything that a page builder tool can ever offer. The inline editor feature has the ability to edit text directly on the page. Simply click on your page and start typing.

Not only can you edit text, but you can also apply a range of inline editing options, including font color, font family, size, alignment, formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline), and adding a link to the text.

The first one is typography, where we can change the heading, font size, line height, letter and spacing, as well as the font tag and even the font family and variant. Then there are a few typical formatting options like Bold, Italic, and Underlined. Next, you can quickly add a link to any selected text, and next to that are color and alignment options. This option will affect the entire paragraph, even if you have just one word selected.

Do not use the heading option from the inline editor for the Heading element as the element is already a heading tag. It will add heading inside heading which is not a good practice. If you want to change the HTML tag of the Heading element, do it from the General Tab of the Element Options Panel.

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