Element Toolbox

The element toolbox controls are hidden until the element is hovered, to preserve the clean design of the elements and the builder in general. Upon hovering over the element, and click to the edit button the controls specific to that element will appear to the right. The controls in order from left to right are: Edit, Save, Hide, […]

Gradient Background

To apply a gradient background to your element:– Double-click on it or right-click and choose edit to edit its options. – In the element options panel go click the Styling tab.– Choose Wrapper or Inner content horizontal accordion tab.– Click Background tab.– By clicking the “Select background gradient” placeholder a default gradient color is created […]

Sizes and spacing

You can find Sizes and spacing options in:Panel Element Options -> Styling tab -> choose one of the available options from the horizontal accordion menu -> click Size & Spacing tab. Spacing – PaddingSet the top, right, bottom, left padding values, and units for the element. – MarginSet the top, right, bottom, left padding values, […]