Once we launched our new product, we also present the new system of documentation according to our users needs.

The new system consists of 3 parts:

  • Knowledge-base
  • First ask questions
  • Video Tutorials


This is the most consistent part where one can find any written documentation about our elements, features, troubleshooting, or tips and tricks.

Each category from knowledge-base has at least 20 articles, so make sure to hit “VIEW ALL” in order to see all posts.


Even if you have presale questions or you are in a major hurry, this section is the right one for you.

Video tutorials

We had your feedback towards our past tutorials for Kallyas, so we hope that our new system of video docs explain the best how to make the most difficult design approaches.


Live search

We also implemented a search system that goes through all types of documentations, so don’t hesitate to use it.

Vote a useful article

At the bottom of each article of documentation, a section for voting is available.

Help us improve our documentation system by voting the articles you went through.

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