Free version

Whether you are out to create your own website, or you are a front-end web designer by profession, building a website is, at its essence, a very arduous process with many steps and rules that could discourage even the most enthusiastic individuals from exploring it. In an effort to make web design much faster, easier, […]

Pro version

Zion Builder Pro will give you complete control over every page on your website using a beautiful front-end visual editor. With Zion Builder Pro you’ll be able to pick from a much larger library of options, and can further customize your site by editing almost every part of it using the theme builder (including headers, […]

My license key doesn’t work, what can I do?

If your license key doesn’t work or is not valid, please try to contact Zion Builder team quickly via messenger through the official website. In general, the most common cases when the license is not valid or you have not received it, it’s because was not generated from our side. The exception when the license […]

I can’t change the text color

This usually happens because you have changed the color with the WordPress editor. If you change the color from here, then any color changes in the “styling” tab will not apply to your text. The best practice would be to use only the styles from the styling tab. Use the WordPress editor only when you […]