The Tabs element is perfect for displaying a large amount of organized information in a small area. General Settings: Tabs items: Add remove or edit tab item. From tab item settings you can enter tab title, tab content/media. Layout: Set Tabs layout (vertical, horizontal, stacked).


The Accordions element is a method of displaying the content which, like the tabs element, uses the available space more efficiently. A great feature of use could be accordion on your Frequently Asked Questions pages. General Settings: Accordions list: Here you can add as many items as you need to your Accordion. Add, remove, edit […]

Tabs with nested page builder elements (Pro)

When creating a complex layout, the new advanced element will be of tremendous help. The most wanted and powerful tabs element from Kallyas theme, is also provided in the Zion Builder Pro version. Tabs element allows adding any nested children inside it, which is what makes so wanted by most of the web designers.