Section is the root type container element that allows you to ‘group’ several columns and elements. You can insert a section into root canvas only (section element can not be inserted into any other element). Like the other elements, Section has plenty of options to customize your layout. The inner content width of the section […]


You can use the column element to create your initial structure and fill it with other content elements. Choose your preferable section structure (you can select the number of columns, into which your section will be divided. To change the position of the column, grab the column and insert it into the section where you want […]

Adding Elements

To add a content element to the page, here are the steps: Click the + symbol button to Add Element in the working window of the Zion Builder. Select your element from the list. You can use the tabs at the top to limit your option by type, or use the search box top right to filter the […]