Adding Elements

To add a content element to the page, here are the steps: Click the + symbol button to Add Element in the working window of the Zion Builder. Select your element from the list. You can use the tabs at the top to limit your option by type, or use the search box top right to filter the […]

Gradient Background

To apply a gradient background to your element:– Double-click on it or right-click and choose edit to edit its options. – In the element options panel go click the Styling tab.– Choose Wrapper or Inner content horizontal accordion tab.– Click Background tab.– By clicking the “Select background gradient” placeholder a default gradient color is created […]

Using the most useful key shortcuts

Shortcuts let you do things on your computer by using keys instead of clicking on drop-down menus and can save you a bit of time and effort. Here are some good ones to remember, these are the ones we believe are most useful. CTRL + S – Save changesSaves your current work.When you save the page […]

Speed up the design process

Designing web pages with Zion Builder is already fast and easy, but if you want to speed up the designing process, then you have to keep that in mind the following aspects. You’ll see how you can speed up the design process with Zion Builder by making full use of the editor with bundled tools. […]

Right click

We’re introducing the intuitive Right-Click menu options in the Zion Builder. Gain full control of your site with a whole new range of options and a natural way to create pages, and layouts. This provides easier element interactions and improves your workflow efficiency. Edit – this will open the Settings of the specific element where […]

Edit with Zion Builder button doesn’t appear

You want to edit a page or post with Zion Builder and the button to edit the page doesn’t appear. Check in the Admin panel -> Allowed Post types for allowed post types. If the allowed post types are checked and the button still doesn’t appear, please open a ticket to our support team.

Inline editor

The inline editor facilitates text formatting by providing easy access to text properties. Open Inline Editor by clicking on any text element.Close Inline editor by clicking outside it. Inline Editor position.You can change the Inline Editor position by dragging the three dots icon. Inline Editor options: Font optionsOpen font options by clicking the “Aa” icon […]