Hi peeps, I’m posting this for those of you that you’re not in our Facebook group or discord already, to announce you that a beta version with the new UI & UX was already released.

Tell us your opinion and maybe help in real-time improving it on our discord server.

“As mentioned earlier, we have finished the first beta for the new UI/UX update also known as version 3.0. In this update, we’ve made several changes that should simplify working with Zion Builder.

Things to keep in mind:

We do not recommend using this on a live website until the final release. All the changes were tested by our team, however, there may still be bugs that may affect your experience.

The update:
Download Beta3 version

The main changes are:

  • Edit elements with one click
  • New “element toolbox”
  • [Tree view] Edit elements with one click
  • [Tree view] Edit element name with a single click
  • [Tree view] Added expand/collapse buttons
  • [Tree view] Added button to remove all elements from the page
  • [Options panel] Added button to hide the options panel
  • Updated tree view panels UI
  • Fixed tree view items cannot be dragged properly in certain conditions
  • Updated all 3rd party dependencies
  • [UX] Colorpicker won’t close itself if you click outside it while changing the color
  • Improved design for preview mode
  • Preview mode responsive buttons shows the active responsive device now
  • Improved UX for add elements popup category dropdown
  1. You can now move the main bar in top and bottom position
  2. All panels dragging’s issues were resolved
  3. The entire UI is saved after a refresh
  4. You can now re-order color presets in admin
  5. Auto focus the add css class when opening the css class selector inside the element options panel
  6. Fixed video background script not loading jQuery even if it is needed for the script to work

The plan:
Our plan is to release several new beta versions with other UX/UI changes and we would like to hear your feedback regarding them.

In the next weeks, there will be changes to the responsive system ( basically, you will be able to edit the current hardcoded responsive values and also add your own breakpoints ), the templates system (an improved templates library will be implemented ) and also, many other small changes that should improve the experience of working with Zion Builder ( for example, a better panel handling system – a system that will keep track of your panels position even after you refresh the page, and many more ).”

Watch a small presentation video

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