Using the most useful key shortcuts

Shortcuts let you do things on your computer by using keys instead of clicking on drop-down menus and can save you a bit of time and effort.

Here are some good ones to remember, these are the ones we believe are most useful.

CTRL + S – Save changes
Saves your current work.
When you save the page an alert appears at the bottom of the page, letting you know that the page was successfully saved.

CTRL + C – Copy
Copy the active element. When you click on an element, it becomes active.

CTRL + V – Paste copied element.
When you want to insert an element into the page, the position in which it will be inserted depends on the active element.
If the active element is of type layout (section or column), the element will be inserted inside of it. Otherwise, the item will be inserted after the active element.

CTRL + X – Cut Element
Cut the active element.
When you use CTRL + X shortcut, the active element is copied to the clipboard (as if you were using CTRL + C) and becomes grayed out to let you know that it has been copied to the clipboard and will be removed after insertion (use “ESC “key to cancel this action). You can then use CTRL + V to paste the element in another area of the page.

CTRL + D – Creates a copy of the active element and places it immediately after.

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