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We’re introducing the intuitive Right-Click menu options in the Zion Builder. Gain full control of your site with a whole new range of options and a natural way to create pages, and layouts. This provides easier element interactions and improves your workflow efficiency.

Edit – this will open the Settings of the specific element where you can customize it.

Duplicate – this will clone the specific element and place the cloned element directly after its original.

Copy – this will copy the specific element. Once an element has been copied, paste options will be available when you right-click on the element again.

Cut Element – this option will move the specific element, use Cut when you want to move elements.

Hide Element – this option will hide the specific element, that will hide it on the front end but not the back end (edit mode).

Copy & Paste element styles – help you move the adjustments made on a specific object to another one of the same type. Therefore, any adjustments to the text format, colors, overlays, paddings, or margins can be transferred over with a single click.

Discard element styles – this will erase all the custom settings on the specific element and return it to default.

Save element – allows you to save and any elements, columns, or containers.

Save page – it saves the layout you’re working on.

Delete element – this will delete the specific element from your layout.

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