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Whether you are out to create your own website, or you are a front-end web designer by profession, building a website is, at its essence, a very arduous process with many steps and rules that could discourage even the most enthusiastic individuals from exploring it.

In an effort to make web design much faster, easier, and more intuitive than it ever was, the Zion Builder WordPress plug-in was created during the year of 2020. 

Zion Builder free version allows you to create engaging, responsive, and modern looking web pages or blogs, without having any coding skills whatsoever.

Key Features

  • Elements and templates at your fingertip
  • Independent composition of elements
  • Unified system of options
  • Global styles
  • Live responsive editing
  • Library Panel
  • Templates and blocks
  • Saving templates
  • Insert template with a click
  • Searchable library
  • Custom categories
  • Export / Import
  • Templates preview
  • Templates Editing
  • Custom rich text on click
  • Gradient background
  • Manage loaded resources
  • History of actions
  • Dragging elements
  • Dragging size and spacing
  • Right-click actions
  • Top right toolbar shortcuts
  • Custom workspace
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Post revisions
  • Role Manager
  • Searchable options
  • Discard changes
  • Easily change the number values
  • Blending Background
  • Color picker
  • Pseudo – selectors
  • Element’s motion control
  • Flexbox control
  • Powerful background image
  • Borders 
  • Typography
  • Regenerate CSS
  • Replace URL
  • Renaming elements
  • Element’s visibility
  • Custom HTML element
  • Columns sizes and offsets
  • Extendable options


  • Section
  • Column
  • Text Editor
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcode
  • Google Maps
  • Counter
  • Progress Bars
  • Image Slider
  • Anchor Point
  • Testimonials
  • Icon List
  • Alert
  • Sidebar
  • Soundcloud
  • Pricing Box
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Image Box
  • Image
  • Icon
  • Icon Box
  • Gallery
  • Heading
  • Video
  • Button
  • Separator

Go Pro Today!

Zion Builder Pro builds on the foundation of the free Zion Builder plugin to give you more functionality for design, site building, eCommerce, and just generally creating more effective websites. Go ahead and take the next step to Zion Builder Pro!

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