Before start with Zion Builder

If you want a visually page builder plugin for WordPress, then this is one of the best options from the market. Zion Builder lets you design and build posts and pages in a unique matter, and most importantly, you don’t need to code anything! Zion Builder comes in two versions – free and pro. Free […]

Installing Zion Builder

If you are familiar with a basic WordPress plugin installation, then you can just skip this article. If not, please follow the instructions below: Login to your website Go to Plugins -> Add New Click Upload plugin button Browse to the plugin’s archive you’ve downloaded after the purchase, and choose the zip file. Click “Install […]


Zion Builder was developed from the ground with page speed in mind. Experience the power of 100% visual design and be amazed by how fast is the building process. Below are listed the system requirements you need in order to use Zion Builder. Make sure you have the below system requirements ready before starting with […]

Creating a new page

This action follows the usual steps for creating a WordPress page. Having Zion Builder installed and active, “Edit with Zion Builder” button appears on the top of the page. To enter the “edit mode” just click on the button and you will instantly get redirected to the front-end page with the editor activated and ready […]

Page Options

Page options are located in the bottom part of the Zion Builder’s main panel. This panel has the power to set the following page attributes: Page titleTo change page title in WordPress is one of the first steps in the process of customizing a newly built website or blog. Page statusThe status of a given […]

Preview & Publish Page

Publish Page can be done from the main bar. Now you can fast preview page elements without saving and losing the time. Just press CTRL + P and preview page.

Admin Panel

The Administration Panel (or the admin panel for short) is the primary dashboard of Zion Builder. Here is the place where general settings, fonts, icons, color presets, gradients, permissions, and templates are set to be used in the front-end. Settings General Settings The allowed post types are set from the first view of the dashboard. Beware: the […]

Adding Elements

To add a content element to the page, here are the steps: Click the + symbol button to Add Element in the working window of the Zion Builder. Select your element from the list. You can use the tabs at the top to limit your option by type, or use the search box top right to filter the […]

Element Toolbox

The element toolbox controls are hidden until the element is hovered, to preserve the clean design of the elements and the builder in general. Upon hovering over the element, and click to the edit button the controls specific to that element will appear to the right. The controls in order from left to right are: Edit, Save, Hide, […]

Editing Elements

To edit an element, simply hover over the element and click on the Edit icon within the hover controls. This will load the Element Options Panel, and here you will be able to adjust the various options for that specific element. You can see an example of the modal bellow. Also, the system of actions that can be […]

Animate Elements

To animate an element, select the animation from the element options panel -> Advanced -> Animations Options. An example of this is shown below. With an advanced system of options, you can add movement to your elements using the CSS3 animations: slide, fade, zoom, rotate are just a few examples. It is possible to animate and control delay […]

Free version

Whether you are out to create your own website, or you are a front-end web designer by profession, building a website is, at its essence, a very arduous process with many steps and rules that could discourage even the most enthusiastic individuals from exploring it. In an effort to make web design much faster, easier, […]

Pro version

Zion Builder Pro will give you complete control over every page on your website using a beautiful front-end visual editor. With Zion Builder Pro you’ll be able to pick from a much larger library of options, and can further customize your site by editing almost every part of it using the theme builder (including headers, […]

Installing Zion Builder Pro

Important Note: If you are using Zion Builder Pro then you also need to have Zion Builder Free plugin active. To install the Zion Builder Pro, please follow the steps below: After purchasing Zion Builder Pro, go to Dashboard. In the License Keys tab, you will find your license and all the details about it, […]