PHP Hooks – Editor actions and filters


This hook allows to load scripts in the editor mode.

add_action( 'zionbuilder/editor/before_scripts', [ $this, 'enqueue_scripts' ] );


This hook allows to add new options to styling tab

add_action( 'zionbuilder/schema/style_options', [ $this, 'add_style_options' ] ); 

Details on how o add new options are found in this article


This action adds new post data to a post id

add_action( 'zionbuilder/post/save', [ $this, 'on_page_save' ], 10, 3 );


This filter allows to add new meta data to the builder json data

add_filter( 'zionbuilder/post/page_options_data', [ $this, 'add_data_to_page_options' ], 10, 2 );


This action allows to attach new options to appear in the panel Options > Page Options

add_action( 'zionbuilder/schema/page_options', [ $this, 'attach_options_to_page_options' ] );

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